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myrepeater.net is the webaddress that is used to setup your repeater or login your repeater. Repeater is used to extend the exesting router wifi signlas. some time in your Apartment or House signals are very week that's why we need repeater. repeater is just like other devices available in the market. You can also try ip address to login repeater . Enter the we adress URL in the browser like chrome,ie,mozila Firefox. After entering web adress in the address bar. A login screen will open then enter USER NAME AND PASSWORD. Some time to configure repeater is most irritating. You can setup your router but to extender the wifi signals is more difficult task and irritating. In that case contact Our Technician They will configure your repeater.

How To Setup Myrepeater.net ?

There are Two ways to setup your repeater is using

1: Wi-Fi Repeater Setup: WPS Method

2: Wi-Fi Repeater Setup Manually: (With an Ethernet cable)

These both method are use to setup your extender. According to WPS METHOD is the best method for the setup. it just takes 5 minutes to setup if your router is already setup.

    Method 1: Wi-Fi Repeater Setup WPS Method :

    To Setup repeater Wifi Protected Setup ( WPS ) is the simplest method for a wireless repeater setup. Follow all these steps carefully:

  • 1. Make sure that while Setup your repeater . Your repeater will be near to the router.
  • 2. Plug in the wireless repeater into the power outlet.
  • 3. Lets wait till power LED on both the devices turn into solid green.
  • 4. Press the repeater WPS button on your repeater and press and hold it for 8-10 seconds.
  • 5. Open the web browser like mozila firefox, Chrome , Then enter the web address url in the address bar http //myrepeater.net web page. You can login via the use of IP Address
  • 6. A login screen will come in which you have to enter the username and password.
  • 7. Select options the mode as AP mode ( Access Point ) and or as the WiFi Repeater Mode. Select AP mode.
  • 8. Select and Connect your network which wifi you want to extend.
  • 9. Finished Now
  • Now Your repeater is setup and Place your wifi repeater to any location Where your want to extend wifi signals.

    If you still facing issue or stuck during the process and need any help from the Technician you can chat with our represented.


Method 2: Wi-Fi Repeater Setup Manually: (With an Ethernet cable) :

This method is bit more complex than wireless setup. This is confusing method. Lets make it simple for you and Follow the below Instructions steps to perform manual wireless repeater setup:
  • 1. Connect your wireless WiFi repeater directly to your router’s LAN port.
  • 2. Take a CAT-5 or CAT-6 ethernet cable to Connect between router to repeater.
  • 3. Turn on your Computer either it is desktop or laptop and connect to home network.
  • 4. Open a web browser on your computer.
  • 5. Type myrepeater .net into your web browser.
  • 6. After that repeater login screen will open.
  • 7. Enter the default login details for the repeater and Then hit Enter Login button.
  • 8. Now you are on the admin panel of the repeater.
  • 9. Now you can customized it and You can make the secure password for the repeater. and Choose the repeater wifi Name.
  • 10. Now Unplug the repeater and Plug the repeater where wifi dead zone area.
  • 11. You can now connect your TV'S or smart phone or computer as well as.

How To Upgrade Repeater Firmware ?

Firmware is security part of the repeater firmware is preprogrammed set of rules and instructions for the repeater. Its need to upgrade it Time to time to prevent from online threats. its increase the Technology and extender performance. Manufacturing company keep releasing the Firmware to make it compatible with repeater model and make it up-to-date. There are Few Steps to Upgrade the Firmware.

  • 1. Open the computer laptop or desktop.
  • 2. Type myrepeaternet into your web browser.
  • 3. Enter the repeater login details after entering details click the login button.
  • 4. Now You are on the admin page of the repeater Hit on the "Firmware tab" Click on Firmware Upgrade Option. Here you can check upgrade is available or not. If available then need to upgrade it.

Factory Default Settings

Name Status
Default Access myrepeater.net
Username admin
Password admin
Subnet Mask
IP Address
SSID Wi-Fi Repeater
Wireless Security Disabled

Unable to access the myrepeater.net web page?

  • 1. if you are using wired connection between wifi repeater and router. Make sure that wired is connected in proper way and there is no cuts between the cable.
  • 2. Clear the caches cookies, browsing history of your web browser.
  • 3. Double check router is working and internet is running.
  • 4. Make sure you are entering right website to login Repeater.
  • 5. Need high speed internet connection.
  • 6. Check router signals will not drops.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Why doesn’t the login page appear after entering http://myrepeater.net?
  • 1. If your computer is wirelessly connected, please verify that you have connected to the Repeater’s SSID.
  • 2. If your computer is connected via an Ethernet cable, please verify that the connection is stable.
  • 3. Make sure your computer is set to obtain an IP address automatically.
  • 4. Use the IP address to log in to the page. The default IP is If the Repeater is connected
  • to the host router, please go to the router’s DHCP client list to obtain the Repeater’s current IP address.
  • 5. Please reset the Repeater and try again.